Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretty Perfect Nails....Maybe

I really wouldn't call myself obsessed about one particular thing. Can I think about something frequently? Sure. But who doesn't do that. Do I change my mind a lot of the time? Yes. But that's a women's prerogative anyway right? LOL

Lately I have been obsessing over my nails though. Why? I have no idea. I have never really been the type to spend much time thinking about my nails. That is one area that I find to be incredibly simple. Just file and go. (Sometimes I will even put a few coats of polish on if I am feeling special or have someplace to go...but NOT often!!!) I just find the natural look is better for me and my line of work. You know, the mommy job!!!
Yes ladies...If you were anything like me when you got pregnant with your little ones, you probably decided to stop doing quite a few things as we were all afraid of the effect it would have on the baby right? Well one of the things I gave up was my fake nails.

Yes, I had fake acrylic nails once upon a time. Not anything fancy or long, just simple and usually a french manicure or neutral color....none of those fancy blues, reds, or corals for me!!! (And never any stencils or airbrushing!!! Yikes.)

If you have ever tried acrylic nails you know how amazing it is to have perfect polish on your nails for weeks at a time. I used to love not having to worry about a chip here or a break there, and putting on my own polish...well, that was a problem for me from the beginning. I mean who wants to take the time to polish your nails only to have em chipped by the morning!!! (And who has the time to wait all night for em to dry anyway right?)
So obviously I used to be a fan of acrylics. But now my nails have paid the price. I'm not really sure what has happened but mine seem to be doing a curling thing if they get too long...it's really crazy! And in the last week or so I have been wondering how I was going to fix the nail problems.
That leads me to the fact that I cannot believe this has become an issue for me. I have so many more important things to concentrate on; the house, my son, the meals, the cleaning, projects, finding a job....my issues are endless. (But I choose to focus on the nails...jeez! LOL)
Well....Today I finally gave in and gave myself a manicure when my son was at camp. I figured I would have enough time to really make em look nice. I do have to say that I am happy with the end result too. They look natural, clean, and very neat! Do they remind me of my beautiful acrylics...well, no. But hey, We don't always get what we want and sometimes what we do get isn't what we should have anyway!!!

Now that the nail problem is fixed I can relax. (Wait...what about my toe nails? They need a little TLC too! LOL)

And as always....Thanks for visiting!!!


Sarah said...

Stopping by from SITS (you're above me :) I had my first pedicure last week and although they look nice, not sure I would pay for one again. Fingernails are another issue..I MUST have gels on or my hands look wretched. My boyfriend actually calls me "Gollum Hands" when I don't have fakes. Oooh, also, I love Twilight too! Kind of embarassing at 31 years old but whatever, the books are great, just started on Eclipse :) have a great day!

mimi said...

It's funny the different things we might obsess about....or think about out of the blue. I'm a file and go girl. I used to have acrylics too...way back before the boys came :) Enjoy those nails!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

yes its does take a while to get your nails back to normal after acrylics... had them ages ago. havent done the manicure thing in so long tho becuase of the artwork. Im normally covered with paint. but a pedicure is a wonderful thing :) that i would do


Tami said...

LOL, I can relate with the nail issues, how I miss them, loved my hands with them on, I did do all the air brushing, being festive at every holiday, I always had the cutest designs. Then Beauty School happened ...
I found out about fungus..ripped those guys right off in class.. LOL. I'll have UGLY hands and UGLY nails before I deal with fungus!

Missed ya girlie.. have a beautiful day!

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Hi Danielle,
I too use to get acrylics and have nice chip free nails for two weeks at a time!! that was years ago, before kids. There is something I use by Yves Saint Laurent (I think it is around $20, not cheap but it works), it is their nail polish pens, they come in the prettiest soft colors and dry in seconds. My polish pens have lasted for about a year and haven't dried up yet!! but I agree sometimes it is just so nice to have pretty nails!!
Have a lovely day

Renee' said...

Love the nails. I finally grew my real ones out, For some reason fake nails tend to thin my real nails out, I have no clue why :(

Girl lol dont talk about toe nails lol mine need tending to also lol

Jennifer said...

Well, I'm glad you were able to take time out for your nails. It's gotta be satisfying, right?

It takes a lot for me to even get a nail file anywhere near my nails, let alone nail polish. I usually clip them and go!

Shelly said...

Hi there, following from MBC.


Donna Childree Gotlib said...

It's nice to do something special for yourself. They look pretty.

Amy said...

Wow. Your nails look great. I am now looking at mine - pathetic! Sometimes us mom's need something like that to make ourselves feel pretty - I think.

Thanks for stopping by today. I am sore from Zumba but it was worth it. I can't wait for next week.

Kristin said...

When I really need some mommy time I get a pedicure. Pretty tootsies make me feel better.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I, too, had acrylics once upon a time. I miss them...but can't really justify the money or time for upkeep.

Good for you getting a mani. For whatever reason I always get pedicures?

Marina said...

I gave up on my nails a long time ago...now I just cut them off...I know shocking right?

P.S. I'm stopping over from SITS. Come bunny hop over to http://energizerbunnysmommyreports.blogspot.com/ and enter 2 great giveaways (win a great Dr Hippo book for a little one and a great sleeve for your laptop!)

Bee and Rose said...

I love this post:) I have been really beating myself up over chewing off my nails from stress recently! lol! I finally decided to let them grow...no more fake nails and just clear coat them!

I actually did finally give in and get a pedicure...it was long overdue!

carma said...

They look fabulous! I had one nail that would constantly break - for years. It would grow a bit and then crack. Started when I was doing pottery and had my hands in water for years. Anyhoo, I noticed the other day that it finally seems to be "cured" - yes, I'm another one who focuses on important nail issues while "Rome burns." ;-)

P.S. excited about my new hair clippies!!

The Toll House Cookie said...

I loved my acrylics-but always knew there was something on my fingers. I am the type that can't wear jewelry to bed-so to have these acrylics on 24/7 was a bit weird for me. I've been without them now for 2 years (after a 5 year stint!) and my nails are back to where they used to be. I just know I have to go weekly to keep them trim and neat. And polish never lasts anymore-but Sataurday always comes and its time to do them again. I treat my teenage nieces to a mani-pedi on their birthdays....we do the girlie thing and love it. They ask to do it before they go back to school. It's fun. Love your blog...thanks for following me from SITS! ;-)