Friday, July 31, 2009

Honorable Mention...and some GREAT news!!!

Here are my two favorite people (about two years ago)...the ones that mean the most to me in my life, my Mom and my Son. My Mother was the first one after my husband and I to see my son when he was born. In fact, she would have been with me in the delivery but I had a C-Section and it wasn't allowed. (Really she was too scared to come in and watch the surgery as well.)

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about life these days and how important it is to hold those you love as close to you as possible. I just think that life passes us by so quickly. (I mean look at how fast our children grow right before our eyes...I remember when he was a baby and it seems like yesterday!)

So...Today I HONOR them, my Mother and my Son, and I thank them for bringing so much joy and comfort to my life. There is no greater gift than LOVE!

If you want to participate in Friday Photo Flashback, head on over to Alicia @ More Than Words and link up. Its so much fun. Come on, you know you want to right? :)

Friday Photo Flashback

And on a very happy note, I am so thrilled to tell you that my husband was called back by GM yesterday. He will start on Monday again after being layed off for more than 7 months!!! We are just beside ourselves with joy...and even though we know that this could be only for 1 week, 1 month, or until their plant closes in December, it will help us financially and make us feel like a normal family again. (At leased for a little while!)
Thank you God! :)

Here's to a "Beautiful" day...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A BIG Thank You

Its so funny how things work for me these days. I can have just a horrible day but somehow, someway, I will get on the computer and read some of my favorite blogs and they all just have a way of cheering me up! You all have a way of cheering me up! Yes you do!

And I thank you for that. And I thank you for stopping by my blog to read my posts. Whether they be about some fabulous finds, a recipe, pics of my son, or just blogger buddies are surely going to give me some comment love...Yay, cause I just LOVE the comments! (Who doesn't right?)

Well, WHEN IT RAINS IT true! I have some ladies to thank for some beautiful awards. These are no ordinary bloggers either, they are amazing, fun, creative and kind....and really are the reason I started a blog myself.
So thank you to these fine fine ladies for giving me these thoughtful and sweet awards! I appreciate it more than you will ever now!!!

First up is this wonderful award, Spread the Love, from two of my FAVORITE blogging friends, Mimi at Frump's Findings, and Bunny at The Paris House. Have you been to their blogs lately?
Mimi has the two most adorable children on the planet. She home schools and is just the cutest gal in the world, but most important, she is thoughtful and kind and really just a happy and uplifting person. If you want to smile...her blog is the place to be! Thank you Mimi.
Bunny has the most incredible and amazing home. She has beautiful gardens, fantastic taste in decorating, posts some of the most delicious recipes I have ever seen and besides all that...she is funny, adorable, and her home should be in "Better Homes and Gardens" EVERY week!!! I'm not joking gals...this lady is incredible, and she is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She has children as well and her little one is the cutest little guy...and you can tell by the pictures that he is so glad to have her as his Mommy!!!

It was by chance that I stumbled upon their blogs, and I have come to realize how lucky I am that I did. Thank you ladies.

Next up is this award, I *Heart* This Blog, from Tami at Diary of a Mad Woman. Tami is fun-loving and a free spirit. She has the most amazing sense of humor and sometimes I am laughing so hard at her posts that I have to take a minute before I comment. But most of all, she is inspiring! She has been thru some tough times with her health but I cannot think of anyone else that has more of a positive attitude about life and living and thanking God for all the good in her life. I'm a better person for knowing this fabulous lady...Thanks Tami.

First, I want to pass these awards back to these lovely ladies, of course. So take the one you don't have and display it proudly on your beautiful blogs.
I'd also like to give them to Carma at Carma Sez, Alicia at More Than Words, Dawn at Bee and Rose, Koralee at Blue Bird Notes, and Jen at Tutu's Bliss.

Thank you for inspiring me and making me laugh, you all are just great! :)

(If I didn't mention you above, it's probably because it is oh, about 1am now and I desperately NEED some sleep. SO please take them and display em on your blogs as well...all of you deserve an Award today!)

Have a great day....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flowers and Frogs and Bugs, Oh My!

We all enjoy the summer months of beautiful weather, flowers that bloom with gorgeous colors, days by a pool when it's 90 degrees out, and a glass of iced tea or lemonade. It's just a time to be with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors and what nature has to offer.

I know I love to hear the frogs by the lake, and the birds chirping in the early morning. To me it's quite refreshing to see and hear all of the wonderful and amazing things that God has put on this earth! And I'm not the only one!!! My son has become a little "nature lover" as well.

He loves to go to the park and walk on the paths to see the deer tracks, or the many bugs, frogs, and snakes that may cross his path. (For me, the snake part is not much fun...but he thinks they are just "the coolest!" LOL)

So, what do you think happens when he sees Mommy on the computer looking at some artwork of bees, bugs, and frogs??? He just flips out....and with the artwork from Samantha's Art Studio, I can understand why!

I just stumbled onto one of her sites by accident as we sometimes do, and I was so taken back by how life like her paintings were and I had to check em all out. Two of my absolute favorites are...."Busy Bees" and "Poppies."

What else can I say about two paintings that express nature in such a beautiful light? They are so full of color and so's as if the flowers were right in a vase on my table! Not to mention that I absolutely LOVE bright and cheery items these days!!! They just make you feel good, don't they?

Not only does Samantha do beautiful prints, but she also has the cutest note cards with pics of flowers or frogs and bugs, it's your choice. She was so nice to send me two sets of note with the "busy bees" picture included above and one set of her "frogs!" (My son fell in love with the frogs! He was learning about them at the same time that these came in the mail and just had to take them into his class to show everyone.)

Here is a picture of the frog that my son fell in love with...pretty amazing right? His class thought so too!!! :) Samantha also does note cards with insects as well. Check out her blog for pictures of those and all kinds of other projects she is working on, past and present.

One last thing folks, I think you should see how Samantha puts some of her artwork to good use by beautifying the city she lives in and also calls attention to "pollination" and how important it is for our planet! She participated in "Hydrant Hysteria"... and was picked as one of 58 artists to paint their local fire hydrant. Her design is Pollinator Paradise, here it is on paper.....

And here is the finished hydrant, so beautiful....

If you are interested in reading a bit more about this project, you can visit HERE to check it out. It's just an incredible accomplishment, go over and leave her some comment love!!!
Want a two card set of her note cards? Leave me a comment about which item at Samantha's Etsy Store is your favorite. I'll pick a winner on July 26th. Thanks.

Have an Amazing Day,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday "Tea" Time

This was the beautiful Birthday Tea party that my Cousin and God Daughters did for both my Mom and I...since we both share February Birthdays! (I'm just now getting it posted...hey, only 5 months ago, LOL)

It was so much fun and I have to say that everything was gorgeous. It was like we went to a fancy restaurant for tea and goodies. If you look at the table above (and the pics below) you can see where they had strawberries dipped in chocolate, homemade brownies, lovely caramel and truffle chocolates, and heart cupcakes. (And that was just dessert!) It was hard to decide what to try.... (I think I may have tried one of could you say no right?)

Not only was the food amazing, but the table was set so beautifully as well. The tea cups, saucers, sugar bowl and creamer were all china. And they all were a flowered pattern but every one was slightly different. I'm not sure how much you can see in the next few pics but this is how the table was formally set when my Mom and I arrived.

It was one of the most wonderful Birthdays that I can remember. I felt so special and to be with my family and friends to enjoy that day was just the icing on the "cupcake".
Here is a picture of my two God Daughters that worked so hard to help their Mom with this fantastic party. They are so special and two of the most thoughtful girls I know. (I think they are pretty cute too!) See for yourself....

So next time you wanna have a small and intimate get together for your girlfriends or a family members Birthday, try this fantastic tea party idea. It was formal but fun and just perfect for a Sunday afternoon tea brunch!!! :)
And as Always...Thanks so much for visiting,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh, What a Night!!!

Friday Photo Flashback

I'm joining in for Friday Photo Flashback this week. It's a fun time to put up old photos and reminisce about the past...and the great memories that go along with em!!!

This pic was taken in May 1990.

Here I am with my best friend Kristi (I'm in purple, she's in gold) getting ready to head to the prom. That was such a fun our hair and makeup done and the dresses well, we thought we were just the coolest to have such gorgeous dresses to wear out!!! LOL
Here's a pic of me dancing...(he wasn't even my date) and you can't even see my face, but I love this shot for some reason, maybe it's the black and white!
What a fun night!!!

Wanna join in on all the "Flashback Fun?" Head on over to Alicia @ More Than Words, you'll be so glad you did! :)

And as Always...Thanks for Visiting,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Simple Scrappin'

Please come visit my newest blog...Brown Eyed Gal - Simple Scrappin. This is a new way for me to publish a record of all the hard work and time I have spent scrapbooking through the years! I'd love to have you join in with me if you scrapbook or craft as well!!!

Thank you so much for your support! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

God Bless America

Courtesy of Martha
When I think of the 4th of July...I can remember going to the fireworks on the Detroit River. Boy, That was a grand event to see in person...all those huge fireworks exploding right above my head....(I think I was all of maybe 8yrs old!!!)

But I also think of a small fireworks display put on by my friends dad every year. He did it in his backyard and if you got an invitation....boy, you just thought that was the absolute best! Those fireworks may have been in his backyard but they were just as "grand" and "special" as the ones on the Detroit River!

When I think of the 4th of July, I also think of the time my Mom and I went to Traverse City, Michigan. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, visited the casino, the wine country, the lighthouse, and sat out on our balcony for the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen! (A memory I will never forget!)
I also think of good friends, great food, patriotic table settings or decorations and even perhaps a fun cocktail. Here are some 4th of July favorites from Martha Stewart.Com.

And Last, To the Brave Men and Women who have fought for our country from the beginning and to the ones that are STILL fighting for our freedom....THANK YOU!!!

God Bless America...

And as Always...Thanks for Visiting,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making Memories

You know it dawned on me last night that the summer already seems to be going by so's amazing, isn't it?

This summer we enrolled my son in a local summer camp so he could get out and play with other children, go on field trips, take his lunch, and have access to so much more than at home! There aren't many children in our neighborhood!
I do not regret my decision at all. (I didn't think I was even going to be able to afford it with my hubby unemployed, but we are doing it for my son...pinching every penny!) And he LOVES it!

But I also wanted to make this summer a memorable one for him as well! And the days he is home with me, will be days of lots of fun and creativity. (Whether that be at home or out and about....that's what I have planned!)

Today we went to the farm. And oh, SO much fun! This farm has all the animals; pigs, sheep, cows, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, horses....just a little of everything. Usually there is a special place where you can see the baby animals and they are so precious. We could stay in that area ALL day watching them with the moms. It's so cute!
But today my son decided he wanted to play a bit more so we walked down a really long path to the kids area where they have a playhouse, and some little toys to play on.

Here he is with one of his friends from Kindergarten. They get along really well and he so enjoyed visiting with one of his old classmates. (He still seems to think that he will go to 1st grade with all the same little friends he made in Kindergarten...and the same teacher!!! I'm waiting for the right time to tell him different...Yikes!) Okay...I'm rambling! LOL

Anyway, today was one I won't forget...Not just because my son and I had a terrific, memorable day. But because I read a review of my blog today...(It was a little strange to read about myself, but such an honor!) Please stop over and check it out! READ THE GOODNESS HERE!!!

Oh and last but certainly not least....Carma won the cute button bobbypins...YEAH!!! (She was comment #13, congrats.)

And as Always...Thanks for Visiting,