Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merriest Christmas

Okay, once again it is that time of year where we are all scrambling to buy those last minute gifts, bake our goodies, wrap our presents, and even a few (who will remain nameless, LOL) that still are decorating the house and yard. It can be a very stressful time. Agree?
I am trying so hard to be organized, in fact, I had a list in early November of things to accomplish on a weekly basis...Then, as the season grew nearer, my list turned into daily tasks, all of which I vowed to complete. Did I do it? Who thinks they know the answer to this question? (Did you accomplish all of your Holiday items in advance this year?)
Or are you like me.....YES, I didn't stick to that list. I really fell off my schedule and now I am like flying around trying to get everything done. AND I still have a few small gifts to buy as well.... WHY, WHY, WHY?

Well, whether you are that organized gal, or the absolutely frazzled, crazy running around gal... I want to wish you all the best this Holiday season and may you and your loved ones share a memorable time together. Remember that those days go by so fast, so sit back and try to relax and enjoy!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year blogging friends.....

All photos courtesy of MarthaStewart.com

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

The tradition of putting a Christmas tree up has been around for years. And as a young child, I always looked forward to the time when my mom and dad and I would decorate. And for several years we even had a tree decorating party with all of our family, friends and neighbors. Oh such fun!

To join around the tree with lights, ornaments, tinsel, candy.... Whatever it is that you choose to decorate that all special symbol of Christmas and tradition. It's a time to be merry and festive that's for sure!

How many of you have a family tradition that focuses on your Christmas tree? Do you go out and buy a real tree every year that smells like pine but sheds all those little needles throughout your house, LOL? Or do you use the same artificial tree (some now have lights already on it, Oh how I love thee!!!)?

The most important part of the tree, at leased for me, is the decoration. The possibilities are endless, but it does say a lot about who you are and what type of home you have right? Some people use friendly colored lights with ornaments their children have made and drape it with tinsel and popcorn strung on string. Others prefer to have a very classic tree with white lights, glass ornaments and silver beading. Both beautiful but VERY different!

(Courtesy of Elfhelp.com)

Whatever style you choose, make yours a special tradition. Go all out and make a day of it. Take the kids tree shopping and let them help bring it home. Make hot chocolate and turn on that Christmas music. Sing carols while you decorate and buy a new ornament or use one your child has made and talk about memories of Christmas past as you put em back on the tree every year!

This is the time of year for celebrating, for making new memories but remembering the old as well!

I know we all get wrapped up in the gift shopping, the Holiday parties, the wrapping, the cooking and that is fine, but take that extra day to really do something special and relax with the family.

I have to say that my mom ALWAYS made decorating the tree special and now I do it for my son as well. He cannot wait to take out all the ornaments and help put them up!

(Funny true story inserted here)

Last year I would come into the living room (where our tree is up now) and I couldn't help notice that ALL the decorations on the tree had been moved around. This happened several times and after I checked my eyes or possibly thought I was going crazy, LOL, I realized that my son was doing it the whole time. He just loves the ornaments and I guess feels so excited about decorating that he re-decorates every day!

Oh, the joys of motherhood! :)

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Thy candles shine so brightly
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Thy candles shine so brightly."

"Each bough does hold it's tiny light
It makes each toy to sparkle bright
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
Thy candles shine so brightly!"