Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making Memories

You know it dawned on me last night that the summer already seems to be going by so's amazing, isn't it?

This summer we enrolled my son in a local summer camp so he could get out and play with other children, go on field trips, take his lunch, and have access to so much more than at home! There aren't many children in our neighborhood!
I do not regret my decision at all. (I didn't think I was even going to be able to afford it with my hubby unemployed, but we are doing it for my son...pinching every penny!) And he LOVES it!

But I also wanted to make this summer a memorable one for him as well! And the days he is home with me, will be days of lots of fun and creativity. (Whether that be at home or out and about....that's what I have planned!)

Today we went to the farm. And oh, SO much fun! This farm has all the animals; pigs, sheep, cows, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, horses....just a little of everything. Usually there is a special place where you can see the baby animals and they are so precious. We could stay in that area ALL day watching them with the moms. It's so cute!
But today my son decided he wanted to play a bit more so we walked down a really long path to the kids area where they have a playhouse, and some little toys to play on.

Here he is with one of his friends from Kindergarten. They get along really well and he so enjoyed visiting with one of his old classmates. (He still seems to think that he will go to 1st grade with all the same little friends he made in Kindergarten...and the same teacher!!! I'm waiting for the right time to tell him different...Yikes!) Okay...I'm rambling! LOL

Anyway, today was one I won't forget...Not just because my son and I had a terrific, memorable day. But because I read a review of my blog today...(It was a little strange to read about myself, but such an honor!) Please stop over and check it out! READ THE GOODNESS HERE!!!

Oh and last but certainly not least....Carma won the cute button bobbypins...YEAH!!! (She was comment #13, congrats.)

And as Always...Thanks for Visiting,



Jennifer said...

Danielle! Congratulations! That is a fantastic honor! :-) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :-)

Tami said...

What an honor! You go girlie!
Congrats too, to Carma!

Your awesome Danielle!

and your precious son is adorable!

mimi said...

That is so neat Danielle...I'm going to go read the review. Congrats!

It sounds like your summer is starting very good.

Mama Nut said...

I am really happy to finally get a few minutes to peek at some of my favorite blogs!

I am glad that I find you all doing so well! It looks like your blog is thriving! You go girl!

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

What a lovely day you and your son had. My kids like just spending time like that and enjoying each others company. I really feel the least amount of money spent, we seem to have the most fun. even a bottle of bubbles from the dollar store gives hours of enjoyenment. Congratulations on your wonderful write up. I read it and it is so true and well deserved, your blog brightens my day and I love reading it.
Have a wonderful day Danielle