Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sleepy Time

Sleep. Ahhhh, I even love saying the word. Sleep, there I said it again. Who doesn't love taking a little nap when they can work one in right?

(Obviously this isn't a picture of me! (Found it on google.) Darn, doesn't she look peaceful???)

Lately, well actually its been the past SEVERAL years, I haven't been able to sleep through the night! I'm not exactly sure why....It may have started in my college years when I decided that I would stay up ALL night talking to friends and partying in the dorm rooms! (I mean we were aloud to have boys in the dorm room right next to us...crazy!)
Or it could have been when I moved out on my own. I just didn't sleep as well living alone and was up with every little tiny noise. (Hey, I was a gal in my twenties and even though I had the sweetest kitty in the world at my side, she really wasn't much of a help when it came to weird sounds.)

See what I mean, LOL!

I still hear every single sound my son makes....every sneeze, cough, whimper, you name it...I hear it! So, what's a gal to do???
"Ask the doctor" you say...done it. Drink some milk or decaf tea...done it. Take a bath or shower, keep your room dark, make sure your comfy and not to warm or cold, don't exercise right before bed...done it, done it, done it!!! (I have tried EVERYTHING!)
It's getting to the point where I can't seem to function as well as I used to...I'm just too tired! My only saving grace is the fact that my son is in full-time Kindergarten and I can take a nap everyday. If I couldn't do that, I would probably fall asleep while emptying the dishwasher or folding the laundry. Or, while eating dinner...LOL, that would be a funny sight!

I'm sure that there are many of you that can relate to what I am saying. I mean, most of us are moms, we either have to work at a job or are SAHM's and we ALL have the kids, the cleaning, the house, the errands...but without sleep, what's a mom to do?

Well, its off to making dinner now and then a little clean up, followed by some time with the most adorable boy EVER...his bath, a story, and off to bed. Tonight I may just pop in one of my favorite movies and try to relax....I may not get much sleep but life really AIN'T that bad!!! LOL


mimi said...

Oh yes I know....very well. As I type this I'm sooo exhausted. I'm looking forward to my morning coffee! I've tried so many things....let me know if you find something that works!

Jennifer said...

Oh yes! I tried to squeeze in a nap while my son was sleeping, but found too much needed to be done! Ugh. I'm. So. Tired.

Tami said...

I know what you mean, I've had to start taking Melatonin triple strength! I'm out like a light, doesn't make me feel terrible either, I just get a.. wow, I can close my eyes and NAP, feeling.
and I doooooooooooo alllll night long, yet I can still hear whats going on. (I think thats a mommy thing) LOL

good luck!

Veronica Lee said...

Welcome to the club!
I love the word too and I'm sooo sleep-deprived

carl said...

Naps are the best thing ever. Unless you are awakened too soon and then I become the Bear that ate Fargo.

tracy said...

Me too. Add me to the tired ranks... Im exhausted.

carma said...

We use a white noise machine to muffle the sound of my husband's snoring and it helps me sleep better. Kind of like the theory of lulling a baby to sleep by the sound of the dryer. Anyway, it is an inexpensive thing to try...

Kristin said...

Boy do I feel you. I was sick most of pregnancy in the evening. Then I breastfed, so I didn't get much sleep after my little dude was born. Fast forward 10 mos. and I'm still having trouble getting to sleep when normal people do. Ugh! Hope you get some rest soon!