Monday, December 22, 2008

Share Something Sweet!

Ferrero Chocolates
Ferrero Chocolates, one of the largest confectionery companies, is fighting world hunger for the second year in a row through their proud partnership with Share Our Strength, a national organization working to ensure that no child in America grows up hungry.
Ferrero Chocolates has donated a lump sum of $150,000 and continues to make donations on behalf of consumers who get involved through their Share Something Sweet campaign. Here you can share sweet messages via free customizable e-cards with all your family and friends. For each message sent, Ferrero will donate an additional $1, up to $10,000!
For every person that joins the Ferrero Facebook page, “Ferrero Lovers Unite,” Ferrero will donate another $1 to Share Our Strength (up to $1,000)!
Stop by Share Something Sweet, send a free message to someone you love and help wipe out hunger all at the same time! It doesn’t cost a thing and will raise money to help those in need.

Last, check out this contest at...
Win one of 100 boxes of Ferrero Chocolates. Now that sounds like a real SWEET treat!


Bug-N-Bee said...

I love reading about all these companies donating to charity. :)

Betty said...

Hey there, just stopped by to check out your blog. I'm loving what I see. You are so great at this. Keep up the good work, I'll make sure to add this to my list of favorite blogs. ;)

rachel said...

girl...anything chocolate and I am there...oh ..and the donating cash-ola is fabulous too!

Lorie said...

I love Ferrero! Now I love them even more!